Ladakh – A bucketlist destination ( Day 1)

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Ladakh – The name is synonymous with adventure, bikes , mountains and picturesque locations.This small place is almost in every one’s bucket list .

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I was in Ladakh 13 years ago and I must say, I fell in love with this cold desert and warm people yet again. Things have not changed much ..except that it is a little more commercialized now.

I am sharing  6-day pictures and experience more in visual form rather than text. These set of pictures are tailor made especially If you have still not yet planned a visit to this beautiful place.

If you are flying down to Leh , take an early morning flight, and remember to book the Window seat and preferably to the right side and be ready to experience a beautiful ride above the mountains and clouds 🙂


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There are few things which you need to take care of for sure.

All blogs and talks about AMS ( Acute Mountain Sickness ) .. are true .. but trust me simple care and few breathing tips .. one should be fine and running.

The first day is very important, especially if you are flying down to Leh and not taking a road trip  — your body needs to accustom to the climate with less oxygen .. I had got many pieces of advice, from drinking water to taking Diamox … but here is what I did .. and surely it did help .

  • Completely Rested for first 6 hours ( recharged my camera battery, washed some TV ) – with 1 hour of sleep
  • Took Long Slow Ujjayi ( pranayama) breaths … Instantly started to feel better
  • Water intake was as per thirst – not more or less
  • Very light food – to ease digestion
  • Took 2-3 chocolates :).. this was good energy 
  • Also there  were many suggestions ranging from not to go out totally to just going to Shanti Stupa and Leh Palace .. Well I was bored and after 6-7 hours  when was feeling good, I chose places where my body needs to do the least physical movement – So no Leh palace  or Shanti Stupa on Day 1 -as there are many stairs and levels and  the walk for the first day would have been tiring ..

So I chose Magnetic Hill, Sangam ( Confluence of Zanskar and Indus rivers ), Hall of Fame route for day 1… Best part .. you hardly need to exert at these places. Get down from the car enjoy the place, no steps, stairs etc ..

Few Pics of Confluence of Indus and Zanskar rivers


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Leh Day 1 sangamuntitled (26 of 1580) copy

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Leh day 1 sangamuntitled (39 of 1580) copy

Witness the wonderful Phenomenon of Magnetic Hill ( gravity or anti gravity hill ), where you can experience your vehicle moving ahead though it is switched off. An optical illusion of a downhill which looks like an uphill .

I made a short Video in my vehicle and clicked a few pics



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On my way back, do step out to see the beautiful  Spituk  Monastery ( though being Day-1 I did not visit it as it is uphill  ).  I did experience beautiful landscapes and witnessed the sunset on my way back.

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I covered the Leh Palace, Shanti Stupa and Let market on the last day after returning from Nubra Valley, but I am putting the pictures here itself.

Shanti Stupa :

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Leh Day 1 Shant stupa untitled (1521 of 1580) copy

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Leh Palace: A must visit the ruins of this UNESCO world heritage site

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Leh City View from the palace …Different levels and rooms of the palace give a different view of the city .

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The last thing on you itinerary should be a definite visit to Leh Market – Especially Tibet Section ( if you like to bargain :)). It is always crowded with both locals and foreigners.

Leh day 1 untitled (1553 of 1580)-Edit

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Rest of the Day .. I was again resting in my Hotel  – The next day my plan was to visit beautiful Pangong Tso …



I booked My cab through Rigjin – His number +91 9906990444. He is a wonderful person and gave me an excellent deal for the whole trip along with best drivers.

STAY: I Stayed in Spic and Span Leh – Its a nice hotel with all basic facilities. Just make sure you book a room in their new Wing rather old one.The biggest Plus point is location, eating joints as well as Market is walkable.

Watch for Next Photo Blog of beautiful Pangong Lake … 🙂


Mean while for a Teaser of Ladakh road trip please enjoy this short Video with Music . 




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