In The Land of Happiness – Bhutan


The sole purpose of all efforts we do in life is to be happy . .. and the happiest place on earth is not the one with high skyscrapers, larger than size malls, costly and snazzy cars. Rather it is a small kingdom in the Himalayas – Bhutan – The land of thunder dragon.

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I was lucky to visit Bhutan 4 years back for three hushed up days .. and these 3 days made sure that I plan a fun fledged trip. So finally in 2017, I went for 7 days and here I am writing here to share my experiences.

Few important things one should know before visiting Bhutan –  They have a very organized tourism sector.  One would mandatory need to take a package which is 250$ per day and includes, Hotel, food driver, car, and a Guide. For Indians this is not mandatory though, in fact for Indians, even passport is not mandatory to enter Bhutan- Indians can visit with a Driving license or Pan Card too ( but strangely not Adhar Card). I would still suggest going with a guide as Bhutan has a lovely history and traditions and it will be good to hear that from a local guide.


I took a Druk Air flight – One of 2 Airlines which operate to Bhutan. DrukAir does not offer any online check-in facilities so seats are on a first come first served basis. Request for a seat on the left side of the plane for your flight into Paro if you want to get a great view of the Himalayan mountain ranges.If you are lucky and there are no clouds, then you might get a beautiful glimpse of Mt Everest.

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The landing into to Bhutan is also very adventurous. The plane crosses Paro Valley to land at a very small Airport – the experience is just amazing. It is supposedly one of the most dangerous airports in the world to land at and I hear that that only eight pilots in the world are qualified to land there.

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Kudos to the Drukair pilots for their incredible skill. I was able to take few videos of taking off from Paro valley.



Bhutan has 3 major cities as tourists Spots – The capital Thimpu, Paro – and Punakha. Now a days few more destinations are also getting traction – Pbhorjik Valley, Puneshtoling, and Haa Valley … which may be my next Bhutan trip destinations 🙂

I planned a 6 day, 7 night trip to Bhutan starting with Thimpu ( 2 Nights )   Punakha ( 2 nights ) — > Paro (2 nights). Given a chance again, I would cut down one night in Punakha and rather spend more time at Paro.

Best and must things to do in Thimpu are:-

Buddha Dordenma:- One of the Biggest Sitting Buddha in the World.Located on the hill above the town, the statue has a height of 52 meters. It’s made of bronze and statue around it contains very beautiful statues around it.  There is a temple inside the pedestal on which statue sits. The construction started in 2006 but was not yet completely finished in 2017. Do spend a lot of time here. I think this is the best spot in the town.

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Memorial Chorten:– Most visible religious structure in Thimpu is the National Memorial Chorten containing numerous sacred religious paintings and statues. When we went there was a flower exhibition going on with a variety of flowers inside the campus which made this place more beautiful.

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Simply Bhutan Museum. : 

A Small Museum just very near to Memorial Chorten. A good stopover for lunch where one can relish the local Bhutanese food and hospitality. Also, side by side enjoy the cultural mini-tour of Bhutan.

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Clock Tower 

Clock Tower Square has a tower with four clock faces located in the center of the City and is a famous landmark in Thimphu. It’s quite a lively place to spend some time in the evening and interact with locals and do some Shopping. The Clock-tower has a typical Bhutanese architectural outlook with rich Bhutanese carvings and paintings.

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I also had got some time in between so roamed on streets of Bhutan and captured some pictures from streets and parks.

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Just to get a bird’s eye view of Thimpu . Sangaygang which is located North West of the Thimphu Valley is the popular spot or famous for the dating and taking a walk. The Colourful Supreme Court Building and the Thimpu Dzong can be seen from this spot.

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Changangkha Lhakhang :

The Temple or Monastery in the Middle of the City. The temple’s courtyard gives a nice view of thump. The prayer wheels, prayers flags and Buddhist Monks are highlights of this place.

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BEST TIME TO VISIT: May/June to September after which it starts to get cold. June is rainy season and if you like rains book at this month as prices are a little less.


My Guide and a fabulous person –  Rattu  A very strong recommendation for a Guide in case you are planning to visit Bhutan.

My tour Booking through – A1 Bhutan Travels : The arrangement done by them was great and prices were also reasonable. The best part was they gave multiple price options and one can customize the tour according to his/her need which other agencies were not doing.

My Stay at Terma Linca – A beautiful resort outside the main city of Thimpu – Its a dream resort just beside a beautiful river.  I have been to 13 countries and numerous places in India, but this resort is etched in my heart.

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Follow this space for exciting pictures and Travel Information tips on Punakha and my trek to one and Only Tiger’s Nest in Paro 







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